Let Circle T Ranch be your horse's next home.  We provide both partial and full boarding options at a price you can afford.

We currently have stalls available!

Self-Care Boarding - $150/mo

Self-Care Boarding at Circle T Ranch is available to caring and responsible horse owners.

With self-care board, the facilities will be provided, but the day-to-day care is the responsibility of the boarder. Boarder covers monthly boarding fee, farrier, vet, dental and medical supplies if horse requires special medical attention. The following is provided for self-care boarding

  • Stall for horse.
  • Access to clean water and buckets.
  • Access to basic cleaning supplies.
  • Access to soiled bedding and manure space.
  • Limited storage space for tack, feed, bedding, etc.
  • Limited access to riding space including round pen, indoor/outdoor arena.


Boarder is responsible for all cost associated with feed, bedding, health supplements, horse care, medical supplies, vet, farrier, etc. Boarder is required to schedule and be present for vet and farrier visits.

Stable staff will fill water buckets as needed each AM and feed each horse in the amount as determined by Boarder. Boarder is responsible for PM feeding and water refill. Medical supplements and specialized feed care are the responsibility of the Boarder.

Interested in more than Self-Care Boarding? Please give us a call 419-305-4790.

Boarding Inquiry

For information on boarding your horse with Circle T Ranch, please call:


Circle T Ranch may require any or all of the following: Boarding Contract, Horse Information, Liability Waiver, and Registration Papers (if applicable).

In addition, Circle T Ranch requires proof of Negative Coggins Test, Vaccination, Worming and/or Health Certificate.

*Current prices for 2021-2022 season, prices subject to change. Circle T Ranch reserves the right to request boarding references.

Circle T Ranch strives to uphold a high standard of horse care. We reserve the right to refuse service, or cancel service, with anyone who's account falls in poor standing, misuses horses, or barn facilities.